The timeshare industry is undergoing radical surgery in the downturn economy of 2008-2010. Companies are contracting, cutting back on unprofitable areas of their business, pulling back from weak markets and marginal products and cutting back on staff all in efforts to lower costs to survive.


To make the right decisions in this economy requires managers who understand the fundamentals of timeshare—the underlying business model and the economics of costs, productivity, and sales. This book is designed to teach new managers and remind experienced managers of the keys to successful timeshare management which remain unchanged economic environment.


Fi fteen Secrets to Successful Timeshare Management reveals how senior management develops strategies, continues with many important operating practices and metrics and ends with a series of bonus secrets to help a timeshare company reach its optimum performance. It also explains many of the common terms used in the industry as well as providing high-level models to help timeshare management put all the components of this complex business into proper perspective.


In a complex business as timeshare, there are many more than just fifteen secrets to success. However, the author only selected the fifteen most important categories of secrets and then touched briefly on others. Discover the best practices and integral to creating predictable and sustainable profits! Broaden your horizons as you apply Fi fteen Secrets to Successful Timeshare Management to develop the best managers and to improve your company’s performance!





ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-7746-1

ISBN13 (HB) 978-1-4363-7747-8